Teeth Whitening

The hallmark of a beautiful smile is often considered to be pearly-white teeth. Whiter teeth have come to be regarded by some as a sign of aesthetic beauty and optimal health. This could be why teeth whitening has become one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services. At Southwest Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics with Adult Dentistry, we offer a few different types of professional teeth whitening kits, including in-office and take-home sets.

Our Teeth Whitening Services

Our dentists can help you attain a brighter smile through our cosmetic dentistry services. When you come in for a teeth whitening consultation, your dentist will consult with you about which kit is best suited to your needs. After a thorough discussion, we can begin the process of whitening your teeth. There are a few options to choose from, including the following:

  • Opalescence Boost: Opalescence Boost is a powerful tooth whitening system that is used by dentists in the office. During your teeth whitening session, your dentist will apply a professional whitening gel to your teeth. The gel is chemically activated, so there’s no need for any lamps or lights. The treatment typically lasts an hour. Then, your dentist will remove the gel. Once the gel is removed, you should be able to see dramatic results regarding the shade of your smile!
  • Opalescence Go: Opalescence Go is our take-home teeth whitening set. You’ll receive a special tooth whitening gel along with BPA-free trays. These trays make it so that you get an even whitening as you apply your treatment. Your dentist will instruct you further on how to use the trays.
  • Power Whitening: At our Littleton, CO dentist office, we can also use power whitening. Power whitening is a relatively new technique that uses lasers to whiten your teeth. This treatment typically takes an hour. With power whitening, you can have noticeably whiter teeth in a short amount of time!

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Appointment

It’s time you treated yourself with a beautiful white smile. Our dedicated dentists and staff can help you make that happen. Just call our office in Littleton, CO to schedule your teeth whitening appointment. We serve patients all throughout Littleton, Ken Caryl, and Highlands Ranch as well as other surrounding areas.

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