Comfort Dentistry

One of our main goals at Southwest Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics with Adult Dentistry is to make sure all of our patients feel comfortable at the dentist’s office. Going to the dentist shouldn’t be a terrifying ordeal. Rather, we want to help our patients see going to the dentist as a pleasant experience. To accomplish this, we use a number of comfort dentistry techniques.

Our Comfort Dentistry Services

Instead of using restraints or heavy sedation, our talented team looks to more natural and calming ways to put a nervous patient at ease. Some of the comfort dentistry practices we use include the following:

  • Laughing Gas: Laughing gas is a popular choice amongst dentists because it is easy to administer. During your visit, your dentist will deliver the laughing gas through a mask. Once you’ve received the laughing gas, you should feel relaxed. Some patients even report a euphoric feeling after receiving laughing gas. When your procedure is over, your dentist will flush the laughing gas out of your system using oxygen. Once the laughing gas is cleared out in just a minute or two, you should be back to normal and will be able to drive home on your own.
  • Out-Patient Care: For children who are particularly anxious about the dentist’s office, we recommend out-patient care. We will transfer them to the Children’s Hospital, so that they can have access to effective and safe sedation dentistry. This will help them get much-needed oral and dental health care.
  • Essential Oils: During your appointment, we can diffuse a unique blend of essential oils into the air. This blend is specially formulated to reduce stress. Its refreshing aroma can help you stay calm and relaxed during your dental appointment.

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At our Littleton, CO dentistry practice, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to comfort dentistry. To learn more about the different services we offer, feel free to contact our office. We would be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

We serve patients all throughout Littleton, Ken Caryl, and Highlands Ranch, as well as other surrounding areas.

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