Types of Braces

Advanced Orthodontic Treatment Options in Littleton, CO

Thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, the number of methods for moving teeth and correcting jaw discrepancies has grown significantly. This is good news for you, because it means that you may have the opportunity to choose one of many paths to a healthy, straight, and radiant smile! Depending on your teeth and jaw, you may be a candidate for Invisalign, self-ligating brackets, indirect bonding, porcelain brackets, or traditional metal braces. Dr. James Urbaniak, an orthodontic specialist, has helped thousands of patients achieve beautiful smiles with each of these methods. Which one will be right for you?

invisalign.jpgInvisalign® and Invisalign Teen®: The Clear Alternative to Braces

The Invisalign® system uses a series of clear, comfortable and virtually invisible removable aligners to move your teeth.  3-D digital impressions allow these aligners to be fabricated according to Dr. Jim's treatment plan. Each aligner stage moves your teeth gradually, achieving the treatment goals without the use of traditional metal brackets. Because the aligners are removable, they make eating and oral hygiene easier than regular braces, and they can be removed for special occasions. Generally, the cost of an Invisalign treatment is comparable to treatment with traditional braces. Click here to learn more about Invisalign.

self-ligating.jpgSelf-Ligating Damon Brackets

Self-ligating Damon brackets use traditional metal brackets to move teeth without the use of the usual colored elastic bands that can be so noticeable. This can help keep the teeth cleaner and make appointments quicker.

indirect.jpgIndirect Bonding

Indirect Bonding is a state-of-the-art procedure that allows Dr. Jim to place brackets on the teeth with extreme accuracy while significantly reducing the amount of time you spend in the patient chair on the day you get your braces. This can eliminate the need to re-position brackets later in treatment, speeding up your treatment time and reducing the need for lengthy appointments.

clarity.jpgClarity™ Advanced Ceramic Braces

Clarity Advanced Ceramic braces are a unique and innovative system of braces featuring small translucent brackets that blend in with your teeth, making them virtually unnoticeable. The brackets are durable and resistant to staining and discoloration during treatment. Clarity Advanced braces are comfortable, and offer brilliant aesthetics and efficient performance. They are perfect for patients of all ages. To find out if Clarity Advanced braces is right for you, schedule an appointment!

rocky.jpgRocky Mountain Orthodontic Brackets

Rocky Mountain Orthodontic brackets are designed with Synergy brackets that allow the wire to move freely during alignment. The Synergy bracket gives your orthodontist control over each tooth individually throughout the entire treatment, thus delivering optimum results. Patients will experience less friction with Synergy brackets and fewer appointments are needed, which reduces overall treatment time.


Insignia braces are a revolutionary custom approach to orthodontics. Your braces should be custom-tailored to your teeth, your smile and your treatment plan. With the use of 3-D imaging, Insignia can create precision brackets and wires to better suit your needs, resulting in more comfort and a shorter treatment time for our patients. Orthodontists receive special training and certification to use Insignia’s cutting-edge technology.

accel.jpgAcceleDent Aura

New breakthroughs in orthodontic technology offer patients accelerated treatment options. Our practice prides itself in offering you the very latest, proven, safe and effective methods for optimal orthodontic care. We offer AcceleDent Aura, a new, simple, hands-free device to help your orthodontic treatment work faster! Ask us if AcceleDent Aura is right for you!

AcceleDent Aura May Enhance Your Orthodontic Treatment!
New AcceleDent Aura complements your orthodontic treatment. This device may accelerate your tooth movement up to 50%!

How Does AcceleDent Aura Work?
By inserting the Mouthpiece - fitted around your existing orthodontics - and turning on the Activator for 20 minutes every day, AcceleDent Aura can speed up tooth movement by using SoftPulse Technology™. Faster tooth movement may decrease the duration of your orthodontic treatment and can even help to make your orthodontics more comfortable.

How is the Orthodontic Treatment Accelerated?
Your orthodontics work on their own by moving your teeth in specific directions. AcceleDent Aura uses SoftPulse Technology™ to generate small vibrations, or micropulses, enhancing the movements directed by your orthodontics, allowing for faster tooth movement.

Is AcceleDent Aura Safe?
Yes. AcceleDent with SoftPulse Technology™ is FDA cleared and has been demonstrated safe and reliable in U.S. clinical trials.

Click here to learn more about AcceleDent.


Our office uses the most state-of-the-art technology available to help create the smile you want, which is why we use the iTero® digital impression system, by Align Technology. Our digital impression system replaces the uncomfortable, unpleasant-tasting, messy and sometimes inaccurate traditional putty impressions. No bulky trays or sticky putty needed!

Using a digital scanner, we will take three-dimensional (3-D) digital images, or impressions, of your teeth and bite. These impressions will help us formulate a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific orthodontic needs and desires. We can also use them to visually show you your treatment options and help us keep you up-to-date on your treatment progress.

After your specific treatment plan has been chosen, the digital impressions allow us to create customized bracket trays that we use to place your brackets onto your teeth, all at one time, with increased efficiency and overall effectiveness.

Some benefits of iTero digital impressions over traditional putty impressions include:

  • Accuracy: They capture the exact contours of your teeth.
  • Efficiency: They require less time in the treatment chair.
  • Comfort: Taking the digital images is less invasive. No putty is used, and patients are more at ease without fearing they will gag on the impression putty.
  • Customization: They provide a digital plan and allow for trays that are tailored to meet the individual needs and desires of each patient.
  • Visualization: They provide each patient with a definite picture of what their teeth will look like before, during and after orthodontic treatment.
  • Innovation: They use the most advanced 3-D video technologies.

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